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The Bar Association sounds the alarm: the violation of rights becomes systemic

     Moldovan Bar Association posted on the web site a letter addressed to Moldovan legal authorities: office of the Prosecutor General, the Superior Council of Magistracy, Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of Justice and National Anticorruption Center. The present letter provides the most obvious violations committed by the decision-making bodies against lawyers.

The management of the Moldovan Bar Associations is warning about tension among the lawyers, it wishes cooperation and noninvolvement of the public authorities in this profession and announces that "... will act firmly and will use all the expressional forms allowed by law, to ensure the function of the legal framework in professional activity of the lawyers.”.

We hereby request the relevant international institutions to monitor the real state of the Moldovan judicial system, because the lawyers cannot any longer develop their professional activity, being controlled by the system! The implication of the law authorities, and the evident violations of the law profession and various forms of abuse applied by national authorities against the lawyers took such dimensions that the law profession risks to lose its independence.

Nina Lozan,

President of Moldovan Bar Association 

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